Velcro Coins        "Mr. Vee" Velcro Coin Fly



These VELCRO patterns are, without question the deadliest streamers ever fished, in both fresh and saltwater. This material not only requires uniquely different tying techniques but, more importantly, provides many advantages over conventional flies. First of all, VELCRO gives you incredible design versatility, allowing you to easily imitate the realistic silhouettes of minnows and other under- water critters. It's soft texture looks great in the water and feels natural to the fish.

Another huge plus is that this type of construction eliminates "fouling" which is so common with conventional streamers. VELCRO is a dream to work with and is very easy to dye or color with a marking pen. It also provides a great base for eyes.

Heads and bodies can be cut to any shape and mounted vertically, horizontally or at an angle, which gives an erratic, wounded minnow effect in the water. jointed, curved or "wiggle" bodies are a snap. Speckled rubber legs pulled through the Velcro created the deadliest streamer in Montana this past season.

Upside-down flies ("Clouser" type) are dynamite, especially for fussy bonefish. Some people used at least three dozen different wing materials, but "Poly-Wiggle" is a favorite - it has a sheen and "sizzle" that's unbeatable and it is so easy to comb and blend colors to get the exact effect you want.

VELCRO Coins for fly bodies in the below sizes and colors:   

        Mix or match ............................. $4.50 / for 20

Size: 1-3/8 in:

        White,  Hot Pink,  Bright Blue,  Chartreuse,  Black,  Tan

Size: 7/8 in:

White,  Bright Orange,  Olive,  Hot Pink,  Bright Blue, Chartreuse,  Black, Red,  Tan,  Dark Brown

Size: 3/4 in:

White,  Yellow,  Olive,  Hot Pink,  Bright Blue, 

Chartreuse,  Black,  Tan,  Gray,  Dark Brown

Size: 5/8 in:

White, Hot Pink, Bright Blue, Chartreuse, Black, Tan, Gray

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