Tying Vises


Midge Head - for Pedestal Vise  ............................. $7.00

Pro "AA" Vise

Cam lever, clamps to table. 

Similar to Thompson A. ..... $19.00

Forget-Me-Knot Cards

The utility of the Forget-Me-Knot card comes from the fact that the knot is the weakest part of the line; it is crucial for a fisherman to be able to correctly tie a strong knot. The Forget-Me-Knot card has easy to follow diagrams of four of the strongest and most useful fishing knots. Currently, one must buy an entire book of knots in order to have the information that is provided in one little Forget-Me- Knot card. While it is unrealistic to take a cumbersome knot book on a fishing trip, the Forget- Me-Knot card is waterproof, highly durable, brightly colored, and conveniently fits in a wallet, tackle box, or fishing vest. .............. $1.30

FLY-RITE' s Cloisonne Collectors Pin ... $5.50  


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