Natural Dubbing 100 % Natural Fibers

This is simply the best natural floating dubbing on the market today. It is made up of  100 % natural fibers (wool), not mixes of blends but of one natural fiber. This product has been field tested for over 12 years on all types of water and fishing conditions and it has out performed all other natural dubbings over and over again.

NATURAL DUBBING floats and floats when all other dubbings have long since sunk out of sight. Ideal for fast water and large dry flies. Comes in 30 fish producing colors.

1. White 

2. Golden Olive 

3. Amber 

4. Primrose -

5. Rust 

6. Tan 

7. Pale Morning    


8. Olive Speck 

9. Pale Olive 

10. Caddis Tan 


11. Caddis  Green

12. Dark Brown

13. Chartreuse

14. Dark Gray

15. March Brown

16. Olive

17. Black

18. Gold

19. Kelly Green

20. Pale Gray

21. Pink

22. Yellow

23. Gray

24. Golden Brown

25. Hot Orange

26. Golden Yellow

27. Reddish Brown

28. Orange

29. Burgundy

30. Red Quill


Per Package  $3.00

The Natural Pac

Simple .... Easy....Convenient .... These words describe the best natural dubbing dispenser available to the tyer today. Combine the best dispenser and the best natural dubbing and you have the

   . . . . ." THE NATURAL PAC ".

Western Selection 

Caddis Tan

Olive Speck

Pale Morning Dun 



Dark Brown





Summer Selection 

Pale Gray


Caddis Tan 



Caddis Green




Fall Selection 


Golden Olive 


Reddish Brown 

Dark Gray

Pale Olive




The Montana Pack

We call this THE MOTHERLODE as it contains 10 of the top natural dubbing colors in a handy dubbing dispenser. This is all the tyer will ever need. Inexpensive and handy as can be. 



Pale Morning Dun, Hopper Yellow, Adams Gray, Golden Stone,

Caddis Tan, Brown Drake, Green Drake, Trico Black

Blue Wing Olive, Salmon Fly Orange




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