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Fly-Rite Stomach Pump

To help you "Match the Hatch"

Take the guesswork out of "matching the hatch" - use the FLY-RITE Stomach  Pump to be sure you're using the right fly. The flies in the air are not always the ones on which the trout are feeding. Nothing is more frustrating than having feeding fish ignore your fly. Pump your first fish and find out exactly the fly on which the fish are feeding. The stomach contents are not messy, and the flies are easy to recognize.

 Small taper diameter won't injure fish, easy to use. .... $9.95

Dilly Wax Floatant

Our Dilly Wax is the very best and longest-lasting fly floatant available. Specially formulated, it liquefies between your fingers for easy application to your fly. It won't wash off in cold water, and once coated, the fly floats perfectly, time after time.

Also works great as a line/leader dressing. Easy to apply from a neat little tube. ..................$4.00

New with Retractable Leash/ Zinger...........$7.00

(clips easily to vest or wader)


Magic-Sink is our exclusive formula for sinking lines and leaders without split shot. Although it can't do the job of split shot in heavy currents, it can - and will - end the frustration of a wet fly that lies on the surface or hangs suspended just under the surface. And it won't interfere with your casts or the action of your fly as lead does.

Our Magic-Sink is as good at sinking flies  as Dilly Wax is at floating them. One application makes your wet flies and leaders sink the instant they hit the water -just like magic!

Magic-Sink comes in a small plastic bottle with a closable dispenser spout - one-hand use and no top to drop. 

...... $4.00 

F-R Lead Sleeves


This is a new item for fly fishing. These were developed with the fly fisherman in mind - for use instead of split shot. They are put on just like split shot, but the d shape results in a smaller cross-sectional area providing the sinking power of split shot without the drag in the air or water. Each package contains a generous amount of each of five sizes. 

These can also be used to make weighted nymphs.

In an easy-to-use dial dispenser Per pack. ......... $7.00

Mini-Grip Poly Bags

Made of heavy-guage .002 poly-ethylene, these re-closable bags are air and water tight, and just right for all kinds of fly tying materials. Most tyers and fishermen find themselves with dozens of items they can keep in these bags.














FLY-TITE® Fly Tying Cement  (Head Cement)

This innovative non-toxic cement is made of all natural ingredients. Dries clear and flexible and can be diluted with denatured alcohol.

Available in a 2 fl. oz. plastic bottle with screw cap ....... $6.00

NYMPH CEMENT (SCENTED) .......... $6.00

FLY-TITE®  Fly Tying Cement Thinner

Available in a 2 fl. oz. plastic bottle with screw cap .....$3.00


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